The Arts Access Fund


Do you qualify for an Arts Access Fund scholarship? AAF funding is now available to Art Works Art School Students for up to $1000 a year per student.


The Ontario Student Awards Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable foundation whose mandate is to advance education by providing scholarships, bursaries and other forms of financial assistance to students studying in the arts, and to students continuing study and research for under-graduate, graduate, post-graduate and other post-secondary programs.

(Charitable Tax #835525247 RR0001)
Our Charitable Arm and Partnership with the Ontario Student Awards Foundation:
Through our recent partnership with the Ontario Student Awards Foundation, you can sponsor an economically challenged and deserving student by making a charitable donation to the Ontario Student Awards Foundation. A full tax receipt for any amount over $20 will be issued to you. All donations will be publically recognized and any donors who contribute an amount of $1000 or more can have a scholarship designated in their name to honour their commitment and contribution. If you are interested in learning more about our charitable arm and how you can help, please contact our office at 416-766-0662 or write us at

NOTE: As The Ontario Student Awards Foundation also supports other educational institutions and organizations, please reference the acronym AWAS on your cheque and mail your donation to the address below:

The Ontario Student Awards Foundation
c/o Art Works Art School
238 Jane Street
Toronto, Ontario
M6S 3Z1